Ren Shiroma

Oahu-based, adventure-bound Photographer

The Artist:

       Aloha, my name is Ren Shiroma and I am an Oahu-based adventure-bound photographer. Photography played a significant role while growing up and has taught me so many things; how to capture emotion, see past the human eye, experience the world and preserve memories. By sharing photos, you share experiences.

       Growing up, I faced the reality of going to work every day, keeping me away from clear oceans, gorgeous landscapes and exciting cities. My goal is to bring these dreamscapes into the home or office and remind others of what awaits them after life’s priorities. I hope to keep learning more as a photographer and would love for you to join me on my future adventures!

       Please visit my portfolio to see some of my favorite images from a selection of my recent photo excursions. If you have any questions about my work or would like to chat about working together, hit the 'Contact Me" link to the left and let's make it happen.

More about me:

- Been shooting for about 10 years (since 2006)

- My passion for photography is to see new places, preserve memories and capture the essence of time & emotion

- Traveled to most of the Hawaii island-chain, many US states, Europe (France/Spain/Italy), and Japan

- Bucket list items: Aurora Borealis, Iceland, snow-covered Mauna Kea summit, fall colors in Japan, Venice, Italy, skyscrapers in Dubai

- Awards: local contests and social media contests

- Customers: craft fair visitors, friends, family, word-of-mouth/referrals

- Furthest place traveled to: Japan (solo adventure)

- Most daring shot attempted: Chasing lightning storms through Yellowstone NP

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