f/8 : “The Basics”

Invest in yourself, before you invest in gear

Everyone can become a photographer and I will help teach you the ABCs of photography. Starting with the fundamentals of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, I will show you how they are all dependent on one another and how each affects your photo. If you have your own camera, bring it along and I can surely help you learn how to control each of these settings in person. No better way than a hands-on demonstration! If you are without a camera, not a problem; I will supply you with one so you too can experience the essentials. Among the basic technicalities of photography, I will also teach you how to find the best deals when purchasing gear and properly maintaining your investments.

As a bonus, I will also provide you with a PDF of all the essentials covered for your own reference.

Topics include:

How cameras work

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

Creative composition

Understanding light

Maintenance & Care

Equipment Guide

Flexible booking times & location

Individual or group accommodations

Hands-on demonstration


Private lessons: $125/1.5 hours

Semi-Private session (2-3 persons): $200/2 hours

f/1.4: “One-on-One”

Learn to operate in darkness and you're set

This outdoor hands-on seminar is perfect for photographers of all abilities who want to hone their craft and produce spectacular images straight-out-of-camera. At the location of your choice, I will help guide you through both technical and creative obstructions that you may have had in the past, all while having a good time and creating memorable experiences. Whether we photograph Waikiki & Diamond Head, the majestic Ko’olau mountain range, a spectacular sunset or the twinkling stars at night, I will dedicate our time together to help you become more comfortable with your camera so you can continue taking spectacular images.

Note: For those with Canon DSLRs, I will bring additional lenses for you to use if you so choose to. For others, I will bring my personal equipment so you can experience other camera body/lens combos too.

Popular shooting options:

Sunrise to mid-morning (Waikiki, Makapuu, Hanauma Bay, Kaneohe)

Mid-day (Hamama Falls hike, botanical gardens, Lanai Lookout)

Afternoon-sunset (Waikiki, Tantalus lookout, Makapuu)

Astro (Makapuu, Haleiwa, Kaneohe)

2.5-hour sessions

Flexible booking times & location

Tripod provided if needed

Group accommodations available


Private session: $225

Semi-Private session (2-3 persons): $350

f/22: “Mastering long exposure”

Time is of the essence unless you are creating art

Let’s focus on creating breathtaking long exposure landscape images in this brief, yet comprehensive workshop. By dragging our shutter speed past 30 seconds, into the triple digits (and beyond), we are able to create very compelling images that we will never be able to experience in person and I have a newfound appreciation for this ‘style’ of photography. Armed with neutral density filters, come join me as we tell stories via photographs of crashing waves, soaring clouds and active cities; let’s bring a new perspective on already-impressive landscapes!

Equipment required for workshop:

    - Tripod

    - Neutral density filters

    - Shutter release (wired/wireless)

Note: It is best if you bring the aforementioned equipment to the workshop so you can become more familiar with your own gear but if you are missing one/some, I will do my best to accommodate your needs. I have 77mm filters that are available for use during workshops.

Popular shooting options:

Sunrise/sunset: capture the golden hours, clouds & oceanscapes for surreal photographs

Mid-day: Experiment with exposures lasting 10+ minutes resulting in isolated cities, beaches and civilization

2-hour sessions

Flexible booking times & location

Group accommodations available


Private session: $150

Semi-Private session (2-3 persons): $225

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